According to the recurring period, Get bonus from 5% to 15% on every account purchases.

Choose you Package

Chose the package you wish from MarketPlace for the desired exchange(s) including addons you wish to add.


Get API Key(s) from your Exchange(s)

During the subscription order process, we will ask you to get api-key(s) you wish to register with your Gunbot license(s).

That's All!

It’s finished! Give us 12/24h to activate and configure your Bot.

After that, the Bot GUI interface is waiting for you, everything configured, you can start adding your Pairs and run Gunbot!

Because our website is new, the configuration is done manually by our tech guys. Soon, we will have multiple scripts to automatically do some recurring tasks (automatic account creation on new purchase / upgrade of your account / etc…)


Integrated into your account, use the official GUI from Gunthy Core Team

You will have the choice while making your order to chose between the official GUI that is shipped with Gunbot or get incredible Discount to third-party existing Tools and Applications


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Launch at Midnight CET 31 Dec

Launch at Midnight CET

Hello everyones!


We’re pleased me and our small team to announce opening of our offers and first and only one (normally) team

Post by eKyNoX

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