2018 – Launch at Midnight CET

Hello everyones!


We’re pleased me and our small team to announce opening of our offers and first and only one (normally) team to purpose online Gunbot Hosting!

At the time I’m writting this, there’s 3 hours missing before the launch and we try to get everything ready for potential first customers.


It’s symbolic for me to have chosen to make the launch at midnight and start our activity at the very start of the New Year 2018.

Introducing myself, my name is Thierry, I’m a PHP / JS / Various technologies Developer, a Linux expert, and I met @Gunthar (author of Gunbot) half than a year ago at which time I started to work on few required tasks mostly around Gunbot GUI Interfaces. At the time of this writing, I still continue to help and I am part of the Core Team. I am 40 years old and living close to Geneva, Switzerland.

Beside my activity here, I’m a full-time PHP/JS developer for a Mobile Game Development company in Switzerland (called EverdreamSoft) where we develop games with inside-assets linked to the Blockchain, and we are the first to do that! We already accompany many companies to integrate inside their B2B / Games projects Blockchain technology.


So maybe you need to know who we are more on the team side and what we have to offer here ? There’s a lot in the box indeed:

  • Professional Web Applications Hosting (Single page to Progressive Web Apps)
  • Gunbot Licences Selling, hosted or not
  • Project Development & Consulting – We aim to Kick your Project Live!
  • Various Hosting Services (various kind of services, game servers, etc…)
  • At a later state, Game Development using latest Node Javascript technologies (it’s incoming!)


Thanks for reading this first short blog post.


Long Live to Gunthy & NoXeN !!!

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