Atonishing Projets

We're currently running a 0% Launch Fee Offer for everyones that stake with us! Fees will go to 3% this Summer. These 3% completely Goes to a Charity Project: which builds an Ecovillage in Portugal, Prone Organic Food, Natural Health, Earth | Living Beings Preservation & Act for Ukrainians Relocation in Portugal.


Performance Hosting

Our Performance Web Hosting plans are cloud-based, and you get guaranteed resources. To handle traffic spikes and support your growth, you can increase these resources temporarily or permanently. Hosting plans with limitless potential for all your projects.

You can set up static, dynamic and e-commerce website hosting projects for all of your customers. We accept all the common languages and tools you could need (Html, Css, PHP, Python, NodeJs, Rust, WebAssembly, Docker, etc...) in any database types (MySQL, MSQL, PGSQL, NoSQL, ElasticSearch) with the help of a nice Plesk UI. Stay flexible to meet your customers’ needs, without incurring any additional costs.

Our server is equipped with 10x Xeon Processors, 64GB of DDR4 RAM, 2To of Hard Drive and 1Gb of Bandwidth. Our anti-DDoS solution is included by default on all our server, to ensure you get optimal protection. This means you get a configuration with the best quality-price ratio, and dedicated resources. This optimises latency (loading speed) for your end-users.


How to Stake

Casper and other Proof-of-Stake protocols allow token holders to earn rewards and participate in the protocol through a mechanism called staking. This tutorial shows you how to stake your CSPR tokens with our NoXeN validator server on the Casper network. This process is also called delegation. We will use these terms interchangeably in this guide.

Ask Anything

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer to the most common questions here.

Why chose NoXeN?
We are a Team of IT professionals dedicated to running a secure and reliable staking validator node for our clients. We brings a cutting-edge and the most secure technology to serve you well.
Are my coins safe?
You have full control of your own wallet and no one else has access to your keys. Either using the Casper Signer or by using Ledger, you always have custody of your own coins, they are only delegated to our NoXeN node.
Why am I not receiving rewards?
After completing the delegation to our validator node, it takes approximately 5 hours to start receiving rewards. From that point you will receive rewards every Era. A Casper Era is approximately 2 hours.
How long does it take to undelegate?
It takes 7 Eras to unbond your stake from the network and deposit the funds back in the liquid part of your Casper wallet. 7 eras is approx 14 hours.

Our Blog

Please find here all of our news related to our projects. If you wish to reach a more detailed page about our posts, click here.